Final Update

This is the last time this site will be updated.  

Good luck, God Bless. Be good. 


Christian Action 


I am happy because today, I am able to introduce the stars of 3G.

Connor and Whitney.

These two special students are like the stars you see in the heavens.

When you look up into an afternoon sky, it is unlikely that you will see a star, other than the sun.

When things are going well, and there is an abundance of light, it can be difficult to discern the small bits of goodness.

It isn’t until the darkness comes and someone is having a rough day that you can stand back and appreciate the constant, beautiful glow of a star.

Conner and Whitney, you are like stars.

You’ve treated your classmates and friends with kindness and care all year. Through your daily choices, you exemplified the way Christ challenges us to live: to treat others as you would like to be treated.

We love you, and today we are going to show you our appreciation and thanks.  Connor and Whitney are our Christian Action Winners!



Ukraine, Bridges and Sports!

Our class appreciates the time, patience and energy our volunteers shated todayas  they supported our learning. 

Please remrmber, tomorrow is Sports Day.  Wear suitable clothing, shoes, sun block and a hat!  Water toys are also welcomed for our water fun at tge rnd of thr day.  
Check out some photos from our day!

Spray Park

It does not look like it will be as warm aslast  week.  We are still planning to go.  The temperature looks to be around 20 C tomorrow after noon.  If kids don’t want to go in the water, they can play on the grass or enjoy a snack in the sun.  So please bring your suit, towel and a snack. 

Splash Park

Remember to bring sunblock, a towel, and a swimsuit tomorrow! 


There was an error on the information regarding the trip. The field trip to the Galt Museum in on June 20th.  There was some old information near the bottom of the page that may be confusing.  Sorry.

The revised version is below.  If you signed the first one, I don’t need the new one.  I supply it here for clarity.

Thank you,

Mr. Groves

2016 Grade 3 Field Trip

We are swimming tomorrow!

Fon’t forget a towel, suit and a bigger snack than usual.  Swimming burns energy!